A cool meme

\n Okay, so here is this really fun meme that I got from http://www.splitbrain.org/blog/2009-03/31-andi_needs

Here is how it works: You do a google search with your name and the word needs in parentheses. (i.e. "David needs") Then you make comments on the hits.

David Really Needs a Date
Wow! Yeah....
David needs someone to really flesh out what he is about....unicorns, dragons... and sandwich making..

David needs to become more tolerant, especially of emotions. ... David needs to be able to do this work independently. ...
Thats right! Tolerance and Independence!

Dirty David needs a wash
Yes! Wash me!

David needs a steady influence
Steady influence for what?

David needs your help
Yes, send money!

David Needs | Facebook
Facebook? This is the last thing I need

David needs prayer!
Prayer and other strange things for atheists to need.

David needs the beach!
Thats it! Thats what I need!!!