2013 is here people

Well, it's here. 2013. We made it! 2012 was a blast, but now we have another year to make plans for and strive for greatness! I am pleased to say that a majority of my resolutions from last year where meet! So, in that spirit, I shall now give you all my goals for 2013\n
* Learn Node.js * Finish my python VHost app * Write a better mysql gui for *nix * Become a Debian Developer * Speak even more on php and Open Source * Get at least five articles published * Get started on my php book * Switch from CodeIgniter to Lithium

So there it is! My little wish list for 2013!
I've install cloud9 ide on my laptop today (if you are wondering, I will blog about it next) and in that is a good start on the Node js.